Dave Marcus entered the post-production industry in 1999 as the Co-Creator and Content Director of Magnet Media’s award-winning Digital Media Training Series (DMTS).  As Content Director from 1999-2004, he directed, produced and wrote video based training on topics such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, and After Effects as well as co-developing the creative web series Zoom-In.

After leaving Magnet Media in 2004, Marcus became a freelance editor. He has worked on a variety of projects in both broadcast offline and online editing capacities. In 2007, he edited “Source of Pride:The Making of Pride & Glory” a feature-length companion movie to the New Line Cinema movie “Pride & Glory” starring Ed Norton, Colin Farrell, and Jon Voight.  “Way of the Bboy” (2009) a feature length documentary movie about breakdancing and the history behind the dance, won Best Music Documentary at the NY Independent Film Festival.  Marcus has edited programs for Speed Channel and most recently he was an editor on “Oprah Winfrey Presents: Masterclass” for the OWN.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College.